Pair o’ Pinot’s

Josef Chromy Pinot Noir 2009, Tasmania Australia

$27.95 (163022)

Cue up those Katy Perry ditties on your Nano. Like your first spring jog when you forget your bra, this wine is light and bouncy.  After you cool down from your teenage dreams, pair this with turkey burgers and tomatoe avocado salad.

Ant Moore Pinot Noir 2009, Central Otago, South Island New Zealand

$24.95 (220657)

If you buy wine by the pretty label, look no further. The best Pinot’s made by the Kiwi’s are made in Central Otago .  However most are priced beyond our budget.  This one is like Kramer in Karate class. It’s not fair …….. how inexpensive this is.  Blast the door open to your buddies apartment and cook up the Ontario lamb from his fridge.


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