Great Value Italians

I like my Italians Red.  These are the 2 that stuck with me.

Baglio Di Pianetto Shymer 2008, Blend, Sicily $15.95 (219501)

Sicily is a smoking hot wine region that pumps out a ton of good value product.  This is a blend of Syrah and Merlot that is “creepy” good.  Like Steppenwolf holding a bowl of chocolate covered acacia berries.  It smells great, but don’t go with them little girl, on their magic carpet ride. You’re born to be wild, so serve this up with a Toscana sheep milk Cheese. (PS I know it’s a band, not one guy!)

Le Tobele Ripasso Valpolicella 2009, Veneto Italy $15.95 (106914)

One tomato , 2 tomato, 3 tomato more.  This Valpolicella is nice for Friday night pizza or pasta.  Ditch the Alfredo, cause this needs to play tonsil hockey with the red sauce.  You gotta buy a few bottles, because like the Riders 2nd half defense, this “disappears” quickly in your mouth. Serve it to your friends like a Blue Jays relief pitcher and they’ll be smiling all the way home.   Go RIDERS!

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