Southern France Hotties

It’s hot, so I’m recommending some hot climate Frenchies from good value regions.

Chàteau De Nages Jt Costiéres De Nîmes 2007, Rhone France $20.95 (736876)

This wine is named after the winemakers great grandfathers initials, JT. It smells like bacon and espresso and pours thick in your glass like maple syrup.  If I had 4 minutes to save the world, I would have Madonna over for a bottle of this and a stack of blueberry pancakes.  If wine for breakfast isn’t your thing, grab some takeout burgers for you and your material girl.

Delas Frères Les Reinages Gigondas 2007, Rhone France $29.95 (222604)

Gigondas is quickly becoming one of my favorite red wine regions.  It’s not cheap, but the bang for your buck quotient is very high.  It’s a great wine to drink up at the cottage because its rustic and pairs well with grilled meat.  Like Beyoncé this wine is rich, robust and has legs that don’t stop.  I wonder if the carpet matches the curtains at Beyoncé’s cottage.  Serve with mustard crusted rack of lamb off the grill and a couple of single ladies.




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