2 Great Red Wines From Bargain Regions

Cave De Roquebrun La Grange Des Combes Saint Chinian Roquebrun 2009, Ac Languedoc Roussillon (Midi), France, $16.95 (155804)

Great Frenchie.  Kyrie Eleison, this wine reminds me of grade 8.  It smells like a blended up mash of berries and dried herbs with a distinct hint of liquid paper.  Yes liquid paper!  You remember that smell.  Who cared if you put an “E” before an “I” if it wasn’t after a “C” on your handwritten essay.  Your reward was unscrewing that bottle of great smelling, mind altering letter corrector.   As an adult, I’ll correct a bad day by getting slightly dizzy on a few glasses of this.  Throw on some Mr. Mister and huff it up with a chunk of beef.

Duca Di Salaparuta Passo Delle Mule Nero D’avola 2008, Igt Sicily, Italy $19.95 (250928)

Nero D’avola is a typical grape grown on the Island of Sicily and it’s known for “blackness” and likeness to Syrah (Shiraz to you Auzzie wine drinkers).  This big brooding wine reminds me of my Italian neighbor.  Its big…. like his hairy, multi-chained chest.  It lasts a long time in your olfactory organ….. like his overpowering cologne.  And the taste is large yet tight…… like his track pants.   Take a pass on his homemade wine but make some a meat sauce dish with his canned tomatoes.

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