Budget wines for 2012

Trivento Amado Sur Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah 2009, Mendozo, Argentina $15.00 (37036)

Here is this years first great value.  A delicious Malbec blend that is perfectly priced for that Tuesday night tipple.  You’ll be like Pooh bear on a pot of honey.  It’s nice and plump, nice and sweet and it’ll put a perma-grin on your face.  Throw on your red collared shirt that doesn’t cover your belly and lick this up with  a wee bit of lamb sausage.

José Maria Da Fonseca & Van Zeller Vintage Port 2003, Doc Douro, Portugal $19.95 (638924)

Yum Yum.   2003 was also the breakout year for the White Stripes.  Its like Jack White eating a Mon Cherri.  Its dark chocolate and boozy cherry goodness, the finish is long like his greasy hair, and you’ll only need a 2 person band to finish this bottle off.  I’m going to Wichita to serve this up with some Parmesan Crisps. (name the song!).  $20 is a steal for vintage port.


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