Queen and Roaming Goats.

Goats Do Roam White 2011, Wo Western Cape, South Africa $11.95 (237313)

I tasted this wine with the creator and owner, Charles Back.   It’s crafted with the same grape varieties as wine from his favorite French region “Cote de Rhone”.    Its like a first date with a small town girl.  It smells pretty good, its not complicated or bright, and it would blend nicely with a picnic.  Keep a few of these in the fridge to help you get to second base.

Descendientes De J. Palacios Pétalos 2009, Do Bierzo, Spain  $22.95 (675207)

This Spanish wine is not to be missed.   Its edgy, delicate and complicated all at once.  When I popped the cork, all I could hear is Freddy Mercury singing “Barcelona”.  Suck this back with your favorite Queen and a chunk of Manchego cheese.  Can you do the Fandago?


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