Meaty wines

Taurino Salice Salentino Riserva 2008, Dop, Puglia, Italy $14.95 (177527)

Buy 6 of these.  Amazing deep and smooth Italian red here.  Like Meat Loaf at the Tea Emporium eating a pastrami sandwich.  Its big, kinda ugly, and smells like fresh juicy meat and dried loose herbs.  Pair this with a ketchup smothered, piping hot slice of meat from the loaf pan.  I’d do anything for wine….. but I won’t drink tea, no I won’t drink tea.

Hecht & Bannier Côtes Du Roussillon Villages 2008, Ac, Languedoc, France $22.95 (142802)

This is a classy, smooth tasting wine from Southern Rhone.  Fresh off the exciting news of an upcoming Anchorman sequel, this wine is like Ron Burgundy lounging in his apartment.  Its a bit of a big deal, plush like his bathrobe, and smells of leather-bound books and deep mahogany.  Let this decant for an hour before you pair it with channel 4′s breaking news of the human torch being denied a bank loan.  Stay classy San Diego!

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One Response to Meaty wines

  1. Andy Pawlovich says:

    ..and also made with bits of real panther. While the Hecht and Bannier is decanting, could I recommend listening to some “jazz flute” in the meantime. Nice work.

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