Your Tongue Will Thank You For These Wines

Coto De Imaz Reserva 2005, Doca Rioja, Spain $19.95 (23762)

A real beauty from Spain for a buen precio.  In 2005 the tune “Drop it Like its Hot” was popular with the hip kids.  Like Snoop Dog in a sauna eating some red curry.  Its old school, wreaks of coolness, smells of cheeba and wet cedar,  and has a great spicy finish. When the pimps come to your crib ma, drop this with some spicy sausage, asiago cheese, and sea salt crackers.

Quintay Q Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Casablanca Valley, Chile $14.95 (276493)

A great Sauv Blanc in a really cool bottle from Chile.  Its a tongue twisting, lip smacking, grape fruity, mouth watering beverage.  Its feels like you’ve lubed up your lips with Burts Bee’s and said “eleven benevolent elephants” 5 times.  Pour this nice and cold and serve Sally seafood that she’s sold.


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