Red Rioja and Greasy Rose

Heredad De Baroja Gran Reserva 2001, Doca Rioja, Spain $21.95 (276113)

Oh me oh my.  12 year old beauty Rioja here.  Like Hugh Hefner BBQing Portobello’s at the mansion.  It mature, smells like cooked mushrooms and popped cherries, and its silky smooth like his pyjamas.  Before diving into the Grotto, grab a bottle of this to share with the May bunny.

Muga Rosé 2011, Doca Rioja Spain, $12.95 (603795)

Great patio sipping Rose.  Its like Olivia Newton John in Grease.  Its from an exotic country, pretty, refreshing, and pastel pink like Rizzo’s jacket.   Summer loving is gonna be a blast. Have a bottle of this on the dock for the May 2-4. Tell me more, tell me more.


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