2 under $20 Spanish Wines

Casa De La Ermita Idílico Crianza Selección 2006, Do Jumilla, Spain, $19.95 (286161)

A nice blend here from the Jumilla region of Spain.  Back to school and this wine reminds me of Sesame Street.  It has a nice round nose like Ernie, its plush and rich like Oscar the Grouch’s fur, and you’ll open your mouth as wide a Grover’s to get as much down as you can.  Hello Everybodeeeeeee, it’s a nice bottle of wine to pair with seared meat.

Lan Crianza 2008, Doca Rioja, Spain, $15.95 (166538)

It’s back, another good buy perenial favorite.  Time to try LAN if you haven’t.  It’s like listening to top 40 at the cottage all weekend long.  Its lively, fruity, and so consistent you’ll be humming Kelly Clarkson tunes if you’re not careful .  If you’re in a payphone with Maroon 5, call home and say you’re picking up 6 of these for Tuesday night tipples.



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