Smooth Saliva Producing Wines

Château D’anglés Grand Vin 2007, Ac Languedoc La Clape, France $19.95 (286492)

La Clape c’est très bon.  Like Sade dining on some steak au poivre.  It’s sweet and sophisticated and has a creamy mouthful with a peppery finish.  Pair this Smooth Operator with some french meat and your Sweetest Taboo.

Le Fonti Chianti Classico 2009, Docg, Tuscany Italy,  $19.95 (295162)

This Chianti will make you smile.  Like Buzz Lightyear having a balanced cracker and candy snack.  It plays well with others and has a mouth watering, salty black Twizzler taste.  Raise your eyebrows, put your fists to your hips and declare that you’re buying beyond a great number of these… to go with sausage pizzas.

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