Perfect Fall Weather Wines

Paxton AAA Shiraz/Grenache 2010, Mclaren Vale, South Australia, $19.95 (149898)

The triple A has to insure this wine is quality.  Cool fall days is the time for Shiraz.  It’s like watching Modern Family while eating a mon cheri with both arms in your slanket.  Its warm and comfortable, has a sweet boozy chocolate taste and it’ll make you smile.  Like Phil says, I’m totally pumped for this wine, “Pump up the jam, Pumped up kicks, Pumpedy dumpty, Pumplestiltskin.”

Prà Soave Classico 2011, Doc, Veneto Italy, $19.95 (74534)

This Soave Classico is a perfect example of how good white Veneto wine can be.  Veneto is the same region that is home to Amarone which is up near Venice. Like listening to Spirit of the West while drinking a bottle of Sprite.  This wine has a beautiful sweet lemon and lime taste with a gentle bitter finish and it’ll make you move and tap your feet. If Venice is sinking, I’m going under with a bottle of this and some seafood pasta.




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