My Wine Friends

These are the people I trust in the wine world.  I am constantly on these sites.  Check them out.

Dan Trcka

Dan started drinking wine sometime before the year 2000 (my early 20’s) and just like most people of that age, he began with the 1.5 L household bargain wines. With the occasional ‘better bottle’ he quickly became intrigued with the complexity and the range of ‘tastes’ and wanted to know what makes good wine good. Due to his inquisitive nature, he began learning about oenology and viticulture by reading several books including a 926 page book titled WINE by Andre Domine (highly recommended). This knowledge, however, still left a gap in understanding what makes divine wine – divine. On one very memorable day, he was given a 54 scent Les-Nes-Du-Vin kit that allowed him to train my sense of smell and that has really given him an understanding of what he looks for in wine to make a bottle ‘that’ special one. ….

Tyler Philp is a freelance wine writer and member of the Guild of Sommeliers. He writes about wine via a variety of outlets and conducts tutored wine tastings in group settings. In 2009 Tyler founded North of 9 Fine Wine, an online wine education resource. For additional vinous related information and learning follow on Twitter @TylerOnWine and visit him at where you can also enjoy his weekly ‘Wine for the Weekend’ selections.

Wine Align - Canada’s wine community combining the reviews of many of Canada’s top professional wine critics and thousands of user’s reviews.  Including me and my wine friends!


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