Steak and Vino

Steak night. Who doesn’t love it? This is the night to bring out that big hitter. The one at the bottom of the wine fridge, or the one that special client gave you, or the one you know costs 50 bucks or more. 2 reasons:

1) Every time you sacrifice a piece of cow flesh and cook it to perfection, you and it deserve a big wine.
2) Food and wine matching don’t matter with steak. Any big red will not leave you disappointed.

Think about it. You go to a steak house, you’re paying at least 50 bucks for plonk that cost them 18 so you might as well have a real 50 at home.
Grab what you like. A big Aussie Shiraz, a Bordeaux, a Barolo, a something from the new house of the Pope (Chateaunef-du-Pape). Whatever you like as long as it’s a big velvety mouthful of red goodness.

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