Navigate The Wine Store

Does this sound like you?
You speed walk into the wine store flustered after finding a C grade parking spot. You have 3 minutes until your supposed to be home or get to your friend’s house for dinner. You’re excited about your impending buzz, but overly apprehensive about the choice that lies ahead of you. You cruise the aisles looking nervously over your shoulder like you’re in the XXX section of the video store. You finally get the nerve, grab a bottle and tuck it under your arm while you motor to the till.
Wine buying is intimidating!

What not to do:

1) Don’t buy the wine on sale or with extra airmile bonuses: Do you buy discounted veggies on the go-go discount shelf?
2) Don’t buy wine because you like the label. Money they spend on marketing depletes the wine making budget.
3) Don’t buy anything that comes in a box (did I really need to mention that)
4) Don’t buy anything that rhymes with Rawberry Rangle, or Glue Gun

What you should do:

1) Find someone whose taste you trust to give you advice before you go.
2) Take a deep breath and ask for help. They work in a wine store for a reason. They drink a lot and can help.
3) In the LCBO head for the Vintages section. The other stuff has a little too much dust on it.
4) Buy 3 bottles. If you like the first one, you have 2 left to enjoy and plan when to drink them (maybe that night). If you don’t like, you can take them back. (more on LCBO return Policy later).
5) Keep a journal of what you like so you remember the next time you buy.

That should help. If you need more, let me know.

Oh, and buy a bottle of that Forty Creek Rye on the way out. It’s the only way to get your Rye on. Sorry CR.

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