Take To Dinner

You’ve got the big Saturday supper at your foodie friends house who know alot about and love wine. They are the friends who know that Yellow Tail is crap and wines in Burgundy are Pinot Noir. First of all, don’t be offended if they don’t open the bottle that you bring, it might not go well with the menu they are serving. Second of all, pretend you are going to a restaurant. You gotta spend at least $25 to grab that wine that will impress. Go straight to the Vintages section. Third, don’t bring a white wine. It doesn’t impress as much as a dark bottle. Finally, google the bottle before you go. Find a few cool stats on the bottle like the climate that year, something about the winery, or something that makes you sound like you know what you are talking about.
So, what do you bring?

Port. One of the safest gifts. Everyone can always use a bottle of Port.
Taylor Fladgate 10 year old is always a safe buy.

Brunello. Especially if you can find one that is under $40. IF they know wine, they know that bottle comes with a cost and you put some thought into it. Ask you LCBO rep what a good one is in vintages.

Amarone. Easy to find, easy to drink and most winos like it.

Pinot Noir. Whether your hosts like it or not, they will appreciate the fact you found a good one. Don’t worry about finding a french one (Burgundy), find a nice USA one or ideally a New Zealand one from the Central Otago region.

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